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1. What do I need to bring?
-You need to bring what you want to eat and drink, sunsceen, a cooler for fish fillets afterwards, and a valid fishing license.
2. Where do I get a fishing license?
-You can purchase a fishing license at stores such as Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, Academy, Walmart, etc… You can even get one online. One day licenses are available. Youth under the age of 17 do not need a fishing license.
3. Are we guaranteed to catch fish?
-Yes you are. I do not to take people out if the fishing is bad. We will talk about your trip before you go out. If we do not catch fish, then you don’t pay.
4. Do I need to bring any tackle?
-No everything you need to catch fish will be provided.
5. Do you clean our fish?
-You bet! I fillet and bag your catch for the day if you want to keep fish.
6. I can’t use an open faced bait casting reel. What do I do?
-If casting is involved, I will have easy to use spinning reels with the availability to change the handle of the reel depending if you are right or left handed.
7. Do you except credit cards?
-Not at the moment. Cash is best. Checks are fine.
8. Where do we meet you?
– Tower Bay boat ramp off of the Garden Ridge exit off 35E is where I usually launch. It depends on the fishing sometimes.
9. Can we bring alcohol?
-Yes you can bring beer. No bottles allowed on the water. I want you to enjoy yourself but please understand if your intoxication level affects us landing fish, then the guarantee to catch fish is void.
10. What kind of shoes should I wear on the boat?
-Dress appropriately for the weather. No hard soled shoes like cowboy boots please.
11. Can my children come?
– Yes absolutely! I love taking kids fishing! I would ask that they be at least 6 years old. They will have to wear a life jacket if they are under 13 years of age. I will provide all life jackets unless you have personal ones that your kids want to wear.
12. How will we know if our trip is going to be canceled?
– We will be in contact before hand to discuss inclement weather. Lighting and extreme high winds would warrant a cancellation. Every situation is different. Safety is my number one priority.